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Meet Strategist and Consultant
Jonathan Tetzlaff

Jonathan C. Tetzlaff has been involved with risk management since 1990.  Throughout his career, he has managed and consulted on increasingly complex situations and problems for government agencies, corporate entities, and educational institutions. His education and experience provide the skills necessary to assist schools and corporations alike with a “hands-on” approach, personally conducting security assessments; designing workable, scalable, and realistic solutions; and training administrators, executives, managers, and other employees, onsite in North America (US, Canada and Mexico), Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

At Tetzlaff Risk Management, LLC (“TRM”), Jonathan prioritizes realistic and cost-effective approaches.  Schools and businesses often over-spend on security measures that are redundant, inappropriate, or inefficient, and often invest heavily in unnecessary — and sometimes unreliable — hardware that is expensive to install and difficult to maintain.  Jonathan believes that it is more important to focus on site-specific training and awareness, and creating carefully tailored, practical, and easily implemented security policies and practices.  Often, the most effective risk mitigation is simple, low profile, and reasonably priced.

Does your corporation need crisis management or business continuity guidance?

At Tetzlaff Risk Management, LLC we believe that simple, in depth, custom-designed solutions can be affordable, practical, and actionable. Our goal is to reduce stress and make implementation easy for everyone involved. Client satisfaction and building long-term relationships are our top priorities. TRM can make risk management, security, on site assessments, business continuity, and training more efficient and effective. Contact Us Today!
“In only 18 months, Jonathan and his team created an entire Crisis Management structure globally, from scratch, at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  In 2010, less than two years into the program, the prestigious Dow Jones North American Sustainability Index rated Merck & Co.’s Crisis Management readiness at a nearly-perfect 97%.”

“Jonathan’s crisis management leadership at Merck & Co., Inc. integrated with corporate management at the highest levels, including face-to-face training with the corporation’s CEO and Direct Reports.”

Does your school need site security and risk management support?

Many educational institutions struggle when it comes to cutting security costs and reducing risk for their students and teachers. It is important to work with an expert that will learn about your academic values and culture, listen carefully, and provide personalized recommendations that work within your budget. Let Tetzlaff Risk Management, LLC help you. We have your school’s best interests at heart. Contact Us Today!
“One of the top reasons parents choose an Independent School is the safety of their children. As a premier Independent School in Oklahoma City, it was of the utmost importance for us to engage in an in-depth review of the security and risk management of our campus.  Jonathan came highly recommended to lead us through the process.  After a comprehensive campus review, we constructed a road map for a master plan in areas that we believe will continue to provide the highest degree of safety for our children.

Jonathan not only was exhaustive in his research, but because he understood that we are in the business of serving children, his recommendations were thoughtful and careful.  He did not allow us, as an educational institution, to lose our long-standing ethos and culture by recommending ‘corporate’ solutions.  He spent a tremendous amount of time listening in order to understand our mission and who we are as an institution.  He then tailored his responses to honor our culture.   We continue to implement various recommendations made in the report and look forward to his return in the future to assess our progress.” Nathan L. Sheldon

Head of School, Casady School, Oklahoma City

“As the chief employment counsel of Merck & Co., Inc., one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, I frequently worked with Jonathan, one-on-one and as part of a multidisciplinary team, on a variety of high-level confidential matters including internal investigations involving the collection and analysis of electronic data; the identification and resolution of actual or potential threats to individual employees or manufacturing/research operations; and forensic support in litigation.

Jonathan was my preferred security partner for such projects because of his intelligence, his formidable analytical and technical skills and knowledge, efficiency, responsiveness and dependability.  I valued him highly as a colleague because Jonathan is the consummate security professional.” Ted Kaufman

Chief Employment Counsel (Retired), Merck & Co., Inc.